Ask a Vegan

BACK AGAIN: The Ask a Vegan booth

After the great success and positive feedback last year , you can once again find our ‘Ask a Vegan’ booth again at the Vegan Summer Festival this year. The booth is the place at the Festival where visitors can ask vegans any questions they might have about a plant-based lifestyle.

Who stands at the booth?

    • Vegans who want to give non-vegans more information about plant-based living. Some are already active as vegan buddies, whole others are just everyday vegans who live in Berlin.

What does the booth offer?

    • Answers and information about the plant-based lifestyle
    • Tips for getting started
    • An exchange of experiences

Where can I find the booth?

    • It is right next to the lecture tent

The ‘Ask a Vegan booth’, as well as the stage, the lecture tent, the bouncing castle, and the children’s tent, are organised and supervised by the Orga-Team of the Summer Festival.