The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin – by vegans, for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to go veggie!


What can you find at the Vegan Summer Festival?


Whether it’s meat, fish, milk or eggs – the consumption of animal products causes suffering. Whether it’s at the slaughterhouse or in the stables – everywhere where animal products are produced, sentient beings suffer and die as a result. This occurs worldwide on an unimaginably large scale. Does it have to be this way? No – those who choose to become vegan or vegetarian are already making an active contribution to animal welfare and, at the same time, are doing something for the environment and for their health.

Gone are the days when vegetarians could only order salads in restaurants and were pitied by their peers. The range of vegan (and thus free from animal suffering) products is varied and diverse and is growing everyday – exactly just as the number of people is growing who, out of love for animals, the environment or their own health, are choosing to completely or at least partly abstain from animal products. At this point it should be said that “abstinence” is the wrong word here – since nobody really needs to “abstain” today. Quite to the contrary, a vegan-vegetarian lifestyle actually allows you to gain an improved quality of life and increased vitality.

The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin

In order to demonstrate how varied the vegan-vegetarian lifestyle is and how much fun it can be, we founded the Vegan Summer Festival Berlin. For three days, we’ll be celebrating and feasting – with a diverse stage programme, music, food stalls, product and information stands. Non-vegetarians are expressly welcome! Above all, we want to invite you to see how delicious vegan-vegetarian food can taste and to discover what the market offers today in this respect.

Since its beginning in 2008, the Summer Festival has grown year on year – and the 12th festival this year is set to be even bigger, louder and more diverse!
The Vegan Summer Festival Berlin is hosted by ProVeg Deutschalnd e.V. , Berlin-Vegan and ASS (Albert Schweitzer Society for Our Environment).

Further information about the connection between the current production of our food and veganism can be found for example at: