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Here we answer the most important questions for our exhibitors

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What does a stand at the Vegan Summer Festival cost?
Please take a look at our price list, where we have listed the prices and services for food, information and trading stalls.

By when do I need to register and how do I register?
You can register via the online form on our website. Please read the general terms and condition carefully. You can sign up until the end of May and we will get back to you within about 2 weeks. Online registration does not automatically entitle you to participation. Participation will be confirmed by the organisers.

What are the differences between a food stall, a trading stall, and an information stall? What kind of stall should I register for?
An information stall is only allowed to pass on information about the respective association/organisation and the sale of goods is prohibited. However, organisations hiring information stalls can generate donations, handle sponsorships for animals, take online orders, etc..

A trading stall is permitted to sell packaged goods, including clothes, packed foods, cosmetics, etc.. Tasting of food product is permitted but you may not charge for the tasting! The tasting of food needs to be previously arranged with the organisers, since certain hygiene regulations must be adhered to. If you intend offering samples for tasting, contact us.

A food stall includes the sale of unpacked food, as well as pre-prepared beverages (not bottled) and freshly prepared beverages (such as juices and smoothies). Exhibitors must comply with the guidelines of the hygiene regulations of the District Office of Berlin, Mitte.

Where does the Vegan Summer Festival takes place?
The event takes place at Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin. Visitors include tourists and newcomers to the veggie scene, as well as established vegans and vegetarians.

How many visitors are expected? How many exhibitors will be there?
According to official counts by the city of Berlin, over 65,000 people visited the Alexanderplatz at the weekends in August (spread over three days). We estimate a daily flow of 5,000-7,000 visitors on the square. Please note that Alexanderplatz is an outdoor area and, as such, the weather always plays a role. In 2018 we had over 130 exhibitors and are expecting a similar number of stands for this year’s event.

What is the issue with the ban on Sunday sales (food stalls may sell during the whole event)?
Due to the Berlin laws regarding store opening times, the sale of goods on Sundays is generally prohibited (except for food stalls and a few other exceptions). In order to obtain a special permit for this as an organiser, the market must be registered as a regular event. However, this will only be possible if the number of food stands constitutes two-thirds of the total number of exhibitors. Since the character of the event also requires numerous information stalls, such conditions cannot be achieved. This means that special permission for Sunday sales must be acquired by the participants themselves with the District Office of Berlin. The organisers have no authority to do so and are not responsible for issuing such a trading permit.

What criteria apply to the selection of exhibitors? Who is allowed to register?
As a matter of principle, we always make every effort to ensure that the range of food, information, and goods on offer is diverse. Furthermore, we ensure that the number of food, goods, and information stands is approximately equal. In general, the applicant must market or sell vegan products or provide information about vegan topics. Political parties or politically motivated associations are prohibited from participation in the event.

Which products can be traded at the Vegan Summer Festival?
As the name of the event suggests, only vegan products may be traded. This means that the goods must not contain any ingredients of animal origin. This includes dairy, eggs, honey, and meat, as well as leather, wool, etc. A violation of this condition will lead to a direct expulsion from the site and will be accompanied by a fine.

How is space allocated to the exhibitor stalls?
Potential participants can declare their preference for a particular spot when registering. While we always try to comply with the wishes of our exhibitors, we cannot guarantee the placement of a particular stand. Additionally , logistical factors such as electricity and water connections as well as the nature of the product range of play a significant role. Food trucks usually have to be placed at corners and edge positions in order to ensure smooth assembly and disassembly.

What are the opening hours? When does setup start and and when do stalls need to be dismantled?
Opening hours for visitors are as follows:

  • Friday, 23  August, 2019, 12pm-8pm
  • Saturday, 24  August, 2019, 11am-8pm
  • Sunday, 25  August, 2019, 12pm-6pm

The following times are provided for setting up, dismantling and preparing the stalls during the course of the event:

  • Thursday, 22 August, 2019 4pm-6pm (only for food trucks)
  • Friday, 23 August, 2019, 9am-12pm and 8pm-9pm
  • Saturday, 24 August, 2019, 9am-11am and 8pm-9pm
  • Sunday, 25 August, 2019, 11am-1pm and 6pm-8pm

Can I dismantle my stall before the event has ended and leave the premises?
No, unfortunately you are not allowed to leave the event early. Please understand that an early departure (unless otherwise arranged or discussed) can cause considerable disturbance for guests and other exhibitors and impact negatively on the festival. We would also like to draw your attention to the ban on car access during opening hours. Disregarding this regulation can lead to the direct abortion of the entire event by the police.

What services can I book through the organisers, what other services does the organisers additionally offer?
Our services include the supply of electricity and drinking water as well as market stalls (with and without floors) which can be rented from us. These stalls are provided by our service provider and we simply pass them on to you at cost price. If you are preparing food and do not have your own sink that complies with hygiene regulations, you will need to rent a double sink with hot water preparation from us. is However, it is not possible to rent storage or cooling space through the organisers.

In addition, we also organise a stage program, lecture tent, workshop tent, a music lounge, a children’s tent, and a tattoo tent to increase the attractiveness of the festival.

How do I get on the square with my vehicle and materials?
Access to the fairground requires an access permit which you can book when registering your stall. We will require your license plate details, which we will forward to the district office in accordance with regulations. You are only allowed to drive on the premises during the assembly and disassembly hours. A 20-minute slot is available for each vehicle.

Are parking facilities provided by the organisers?
In general, no vehicles may be parked on Alexanderplatz, with the exception of food trucks and occasionally registered storage and refrigerated vehicles. As organisers, we only have a limited contingent of parking space at our disposal and give priority to food stands with cooling requirements. The booking of a parking space does not entitle the holder to a permit (see price list). For further parking possibilities, please see here.

Where can I dispose of my garbage?
All cartons, used oil, and any other garbage must  be disposed of by exhibitors themselvesand if possible recycled. A limited amount of garbage containers are provided for this purpose. Stalls which offer products causing additional waste (e.g. coconuts) will need to rent additional bins (at a fee) or bring their own bins to the event. This must be stated when registering. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their stand and its surroundings are kept clean during the event. Unfortunately, we cannot permit the display and distribution of flyers, stickers and other advertising and information material outside of individual stall areas.

What does the reusable tableware obligation include?
Ideally, our participants will only supply reusable tableware. However, as this is often difficult to achieve, exhibitors must at least supply biodegradable disposable crockery. We also recommend a deposit system so that disposal can be ensured. Serving food in edible bowls is another sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. For this year’s event, the team will try to set up a procedure for cleaning dishes. Individual exhibitors who are interested in this concept can contact us to support a more sustainable event.

Will there be security on site during the night times?
We will have security on site both during the festival opening hours and during the evenings between the festival days. However, the organisers do not assume any liability for theft or vandalism. As such, comprehensive security protection cannot be offered or guaranteed by the organizer.

How does the tombola work and how can I participate?
For many years, we have been organising a huge tombola for our visitors with lots of exciting prizes. Participation is pretty simple and provides entertainment for our guests as well as a smart marketing tool for you and your stall. When you register online, you can decide whether and to what extent you want to take part in the raffle.

Are there special prices for emerging companies or startups?
Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, since 2018, we have been raffling a stand for companies that have been in existence for less than a year. There is a separate registration form for such companies who can indicate whether they want to participate in this raffle.

I can no longer participate in the festival and I have already registered. What should I do?
If the registration period is not over yet, but you have already registered online, just contact us by e-mail and we will delete you from our list of interested parties.
If the registration period is already over and you already have a confirmation, please see our general terms and conditions. A resignation at this time will unfortunately always incur costs for the exhibitor. If the organiser had to absorb such costs themselves, it would not be possible finance this non-profit event.