NEW: V-Friending – vegan Speed-Friends-Dating

New at the Vegan Sumerfestival 2019 was V-Friending. With this type of “speed dating”, participants could easily get to know each other and make new contacts. The participants were sitting opposite to each other at two large tables. Then they had three minutes to introduce themselves and exchange ideas. After the time is over, the participants changed until everyone has “dated” each other. Then it was up to everyone if they liked to exchange contact data. It was a funny and full success!

NEW: Vegan pinboard
Also new was the large pinboard on which advertisements around the topic vegan way of life could be published: job announcements, housing requests, dates etc. In addition, the visitors themselves could provide advertisements, which stand in connection with the plant-based way of life.

The V-Friending-Aktion was organized just like the stage program, the lecture tent, the Tombola, the Ask a Vegan tent, the B12 tent and the child tent by the Orga-team of the Vegan Summer Festival.